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Here are some commonly asked questions asked about living off grid with BIOHOME’s. If your question is not on here, ask us!

How is the foam fireproof?
Unlike wood, when the heat source is removed the foam will extinguish it’s self, the wood would keep burning. Also the foam we use is Anti-bacterial and mold inhibiting.

Can the outside and inside be painted other colors?
Outside works best with a white or very light gray color. Darker colors tend to heat up to much, that is not good for the foam.
Inside what ever color you like.

How do you separate rooms? Door, curtain, ect?
I let my rooms flow into one another. Like in a cave. You can use off the shelf doors or, round doors can be constructed on location.

What’s the largest size dome I can build?
Anything over 100 feet in Dim. is an apartment building.
A 45 to 60 ft. in Dim  dome is a lot of space. Allowing 2 an 3 floors if you like. You can attach different size domes together to create many different configurations. Like a large dome in the middle with different size domes attached around it. Like peddles on a flower.

How do you get Internet?
I use a satellite hook up that cost about  $60.00 a month.

Can you make one dome into a garage?
Yes. A 24ft in dim. dome is 16 feet high. Enough floor space to park two full size vehicles, Two motorcycles, have a tool bench and plenty
of move around room after wards. A loft can also be added for even more storage.

How long until the foam shell needs to be repaired?
That depends on how you take car of it. The most important thing is to apply a thick enough coating at the beginning. As time has tested the domes at Project BIOHOME, I  have come to the conclusion, that even under severe weather, Big Wind, Rain, Large snow loads, -35 Degrees F. to 106 Degrees F.  a BIOHOME will last a very long, long, time. Decades and maybe longer.

What is the difference between Monolithic Domes and BIOHOME’s?
Monolithic means one unit construction. Our structures are monolithic. Made with steel and foam.That is then set into a concrete thermal pad. No stucco, or cement is used over our domes or coated on the inside. It is not needed.

Does this meet building codes?
No is the answer.
On that note. I can only work with home owner builders who are under NO building codes. The building department has no real way to gage a BIOHOME structure. We do not use nails , sheet rock, water flushing toilets, wells, or outside power hook ups. Nothing that a conventional building would use. So they would make it impossible for you to build using BIOHOME methods.

If everything went perfect, what would the build time frame be?
If you had all your ducks in a row, so to speak, in about  60 to 90 days. You would be moving in. Completely powered up, Solar electric heated floor, solar toilet, and Airwell solar distillery to recycle your water. You’re un-plugged …totally off the grid.